Strawberry Banana – Bling Disposable Vape 6000 Puffs

Strawberry Banana - Bling Disposable Vape 6000 Puffs

Enjoy the sweet taste of ripe strawberries and creamy bananas in this tasty, refreshing flavor. Bananas are one of the most popular fruits in the world and are a good source of potassium, which improves heart health and regulates blood pressure.

This bling vaping strawberry banana flavour is available in a disposable vape that lasts for 800 puffs, and is USB-C rechargeable. It has a draw activated inhalation system and is prefilled with 20mg nic salts.

Strawberry Banana

A classic pairing of sweet strawberries and smooth bananas, this high-concentrated e-Liquid is sure to deliver a taste burst that you’ll want more of. Suitable for beginners and advanced vapers, strawberry banana is perfect for anyone with an intolerance to VG or PG.

Enjoy a refreshing combination of juicy strawberries and ripe bananas in this fruity blend that’s packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, and potassium. The scrumptious flavor is also enhanced with a hint of fresh menthol for an inhale that’s both cool and refreshing.

Strawberry Watermelon Coconut

Sweet strawberry and banana flavor for a classic fruit combination that is sure to please. This high-concentration e-liquid has an intensely satisfying flavor that will keep you coming back for more. It also has a fresh menthol taste that refreshes your breath.

This berry blend has a delicious flavor and tight draw. It doesn’t use a lot of sweetener or ice, which allows the flavors to be authentic. It’s an excellent vape for anyone who enjoys a fruity blend and wants to avoid the extra sugar in e-liquids.

SKE Crystal Bar

The SKE Crystal Bar is a disposable vape that delivers up to 600 puffs and is ideal for newcomers to vaping or anyone looking for a simple solution.

These devices come pre-filled with 2ml of nicotine salt e-liquid in a 20mg/ml (2.0%) strength, this is the maximum nicotine strength legally available in the UK. These high strength vapes can provide instant satisfaction and curb cravings for longer.

Bosshog Salt Nic

Bosshog Salt Nic is a premium nicotine salt e-liquid that offers a smooth and flavor oriented hit. This vapor liquid is designed to be used in the Switch Mod Disposable Device. Each device accommodates 8.9ml of E-Liquid with 5% (50MG) Nicotine by Volume.